After years in the city and scattered excursions exploring the rainforest, the prairie, the mountains, the ocean, it was in the desert that I believe I found the most clarity. Because everything is so stark, so immediately dire and definite. You see every bird, every tree, every dune, because it is simply there, with no obstructions. You burn in the sun and you taste the aridness – water, you must have water, and you are conscious with every drop of its limitedness. You must rely on the kindness of strangers – alone, you are nothing. You find god in the most unlikely of places – a single plant, a gust of sand and wind, a stone shaped by the millenia of movements. And you appreciate every shade of green in the oasis. In spite of yourself, you embrace the quiet, though you could write a song for every grain of sand…


And then you remember that you’re not a songwriter, at least not yet, that you barely write anything creative anymore, that this is the whole reason for this blog. It is your sandbox, and your sounding board. And maybe, just maybe, others will want to listen, even though you’re still tuning your instrument =)





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