Mm, chewy

Things I’ve been chewing on this week:

Citizen action by farmers in the Sahel desert of Niger, restoring ecology, one tree at a time:

Anna Quindlen’s latest on getting out of Iraq:

Spherical solar cells harness the sun’s energy at any angle:

Show I went to last night:


Things I could do with 10 days of leave:

One of the ones on the list: Galapagos (<–this one’s most likely, given my family’s vacation inclinations), Peru, Alaska, Appalachia

Spread it out and take three-day weekends for all the people i’ve been meaning to hop a train and visit some day

Visit seniors & recent grads at Carleton senior week (might take a weekend for commencement anyway)

ILC theatre elite week

Take a long walk

Road trip!

A Smaller World Service Trip or Reality Tour

Something completely different and/or spontaneous


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