My question is: How can I best change the world? Not how can I do it, because clearly that will happen/is happening. That’s not an ego thing, just that it’s true, and it’s true of you too, if you’re reading this. We all make decisions and do work that affects the world as a whole, and if we’re doing the right thing, then it’s positive change, it’s worldchanging.

I do know this: that I touch the lives of others, and that in order for me to do that positive kind of worldchanging, then that kind of touch needs to be engaged, active, helpful, and practical. That, for me, what is most important is the resources that are shared by all of humanity – I’m talking about climate and ecosystems, as well as fairness and equality – a need for us as individuals to live as though every person on earth could live as we do and still have a healthy and abundant life, and for us as a people to be deliberate about that kind of sharing and connectedness, to balance our own scales.

For me, this means a number of things: 1) It means I have to walk the talk and practice what I preach. This presents dilemmas – am I to share my home with strangers simply because I have the space? Am I to refuse a higher salary because I know that it partly stems from my privileged life, my educational opportunities, and even simply the country that I live in? Am I to give up my cherished city life to live by example off the grid in a straw bale home? How can I be engaged in society at a worldchanging level and also live the transformation I want to see? 2) It means that both the professional work I do and my work environment have to reflect these values. 3) It means that I not only have to live this, but I have to share it. Because it’s not just a “green” thing. It’s not just a touchy-feely eco-friendly hippy-crunchy thing. It’s an every citizen thing, and I need to treat it as such. I need to not just say oh, I care about environmental issues, it’s my passion. I need to engage others – the unlikely candidates – to ask questions and pose solutions. To be on the same level as my peers in such a way that we build on each other’s work and each other’s strengths, and find ourselves sharing the same goals.

And still there is the original question – how can I best change the world? What is my role? There certainly is no static answer, so I must continue to ask it every now and then.


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