Bus poem

I took the bus home –
A route not long and still
I could have walked but
A drop of rain, and the bus was there waiting so
The doors unfolded, and I got on.

Then looking down I see beneath
The seat in front of me, a paper
In pieces. Ruled,
Like high school. Handwritten,
Like homework. Perhaps.

A closer look-
The top left piece starts “I…”
Another from the middle “falling…”
Another, “wing…”
And yet another “drops…”

Poetry, I think, inspired by
The harsh and beautiful life of one who must
Take the bus – but then
Why tear this piece of art?
(Or is it art because it is torn?)

More clues must lie under there and so
With my foot I coax another
piece into view – “from S–”
A letter? Torn by the writer or
By the one addressed?

And was it left to be
Forgotten? Or to be found?
I must pick up the pieces and yet
Oh wait, this is my stop, and so


4 Responses to “Bus poem”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Your poem is beautiful. This entire site is beautiful. I keep meaning to tell you how much I enjoy reading it. You are a wonderful writer.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Steve Gilberg Says:

    Say, was that based on personal experience?

  3. sarahsmile Says:

    It sure is – wrote it the same day =) One of the many reasons I love the DC metro. You never know what you might discover on your way home.

  4. Jake Says:

    Great poem, I wrote a similar one on my blog as well. Heres the link http://kanazky.com/?p=14

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