Love to Lotan

Yes…the blog has experienced a bit of a dry spell… such is the desert.

Speaking of desert life, I want to give love to the Israel folks and share a little of what they’re doing. The website for the permaculture program I took part in at Kibbutz Lotan has been recently updated to include not only pictures from my program (yes, that’s me with the chubby cheeks covered in mud, and also in the practice dome) but also some of the work that’s been done since. I’m really proud to see that one of the domes we were so diligently applying layers of mud to is now a fully-functioning off-the-grid home (see their blog post). The oasis below is another piece that was just beginning to be constructed during my stay there.

.Oasis at Kibbutz Lotan


Other cool things I’ve been checking out lately: BOINC – a software that can use your computer’s idle time to run models on climate change, malaria control, etc; green collar jobs as the #1 gap in the environmental movement (so true); how one woman’s story could expedite the process of making John Paul II a saint (fascinating!); equally fascinating story behind Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s black eye (that one’s for Sarah W – thanks Abe!)


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