Step It Up for Climate Change This Saturday!

Okay, I have to plug this. This Saturday is the National Day of Climate Change, and there is a huge nation-wide effort called Step It Up 2007 to put on actions asking Congress to “cut carbon 80% by 2050.” Right now there are over 1300 actions planned for the day and counting, and they let you search actions by your state or zip code.

Some of the more intriguing ones in the DC area:

  • A rally at the Capitol Steps with speakers and a human postcard spelling out “80% x 2050” 1-3pm (I’ll be at this one)
  • A neighborhood arts and music festival in Silver Spring/Takoma Park
  • A lunchtime rally at Farragut Square on Friday (I would go if I didn’t have a meeting…)
  • A river herring transplant in Greenbelt – Okay, so I’m not exactly sure how this fights climate change but it sounds like fun and I would totally go if I weren’t giving my practice mini-tour at the National Building Museum in the morning.

And while we’re talkin’ climate and carbon and such, I want to share a few resources about carbon emissions offsets, since they’ve been popping up in my inbox lately. These things are everywhere, in every shape and form – there’s even a click-a-day for offsets on now (though it’s incredibly vague about its methods), and a “Go Zero” option on Travelocity. There’s been lots of controversy as to whether they’re good or bad, and they’ve been called everything from “indulgences” to “smart economics.” Personally, I’m inclined toward the positive, and will put my stamp of approval on NativeEnergy (which my family used for our most recent vacation), but sniff around and decide for yourself:

General information: from Coop America’s Real Money publication, “Carbon Offsets Demystified” (highly recommended, if you read nothing else – breaks down the various options and tips for finding what works for you), ClimateBiz’s Backgrounder on Carbon Offsets

Opinions: from the Brookings Institution, “Al Gore’s Outsourcing Solution,” a positive look at international carbon offsets; from GreenBiz News, “Are Emissions Offsets a Carbon Con?


2 Responses to “Step It Up for Climate Change This Saturday!”

  1. Steve Gilberg Says:

    I noticed the global warming addition to Care2 only yesterday. Hope it works.

  2. Abe Says:

    A little “step it up” we can all do (even from alaska)!

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