An Inspiring Day of Climate Action


I said I’d be there, and I was – Saturday afternoon, I managed to get my mother to come with me, to stand at the rally and to sit in for is long as it took to get that human postcard just right, demanding that Congress cut carbon “80% by 2050.” She and I are in the front frame of the postcard (parked in front of the first “0” in “2050” above, on the right edge of the photo below). I joined a couple friends later that evening at reception where we watched the returns – pictures from actions all over the country streaming in and being projected on the walls of the National Museum of the American Indian, with Bill McKibben and others making remarks and celebrating. It’s tough to get good coverage from say, the Post on such an event because it wasn’t a thousands-on-Washington type of event, it was a large collection of smaller events, but still, the turnouts were incredible, and the message is clear: Congress must act now.

See the Step It Up website for more reports from Saturday, including some amazing pictures from everywhere from coral reefs to glaciers to coal-fired power plants. You can see more specific reports from the DC event here.



One Response to “An Inspiring Day of Climate Action”

  1. Steve Gilberg Says:

    Nice! I wonder how long it took to get everyone in position.

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