DC needs a vote – and its gun laws

On Thursday, March 22, a House vote on a bill that would have given DC a voting representative in Congress was thwarted when Republicans tacked on language to the bill that would have squashed DC’s existing gun laws. DC, once known as the homicide capital of the US, now has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

On Monday, April 16, thousands of citizens marched on the Capitol in what was the largest demonstration in decades for DC voting rights. This same day marked the largest gun-massacre the country has ever known, in our neighboring state of Virginia.

I could not help but notice the significance of this unplanned convergence of events. It makes the actions of those in Congress who underhandedly tried to strip DC of its gun protections all the more disgusting in hindsight. No citizen should be able to wield such tools of violence with such ease, and quite frankly, this is one area of legislation where our neighbor states and others should follow DC’s lead and crack down on this.

We will not give up the fight for our voice, and we will not allow our gun laws to be undermined. We will push for as long as it takes.


One Response to “DC needs a vote – and its gun laws”

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