Earth Day can stick around for a while.

So some folks are sayin’ that Earth Day has served its time and it can go, but I say what kinda Earth-lovin’ is that? I know the whole “Earth Day is every day” business, but hey, I’m special every day and I still like to party on my birthday. I think the Earth deserves a special day too.

In any case, I celebrated Earth Day this time around not by going to a big event or participating in a river cleanup like I thought I might, but by doing a little gardening with my mum. Because what’s more earth-y than growing your own food? We stirred up the compost-y soil that’s been stewing in our raised garden beds, layered it over with some nice top soil, and planted some yummy-looking organic veggies, interspersing some flowers and such as companion plants. We even got a little creative with making a vertical structure for the pole beans, using some old pipe that was in the roof of the garage, literally tying it together with shoelaces, and stringing some vertical lines off of it for the beans to climb on.


All in all, a weekend well-spent.


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