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Ah, feels like home.

July 1, 2007

Whew, okay, I’ve been slacking, time to get back into it. I’m now dealing with the fact that I am actually in DC right now, in the summer, for the first time in a good thirteen years. And still working full time, in the summer. And while I do miss it, terribly, and my internal clock has all these blinking “error” lights, it’s not too bad an adjustment.

It’s interesting, what happens to the city. Yes it gets sticky and disgusting, and trying to be a pedestrian often feels like running the gauntlet, between the smog, pollution, cigarette smoke mixed with perfume, and however you want to characterize the smell coming from the steam vents. But there is also this crazy influx of new people – tourists, interns, recent grads. And music. So much music. I’m determined to make the most of it.

News since my last post: I’ve been accepted into the part-time MBA program at GW, and I’ll soon be transitioning into a new position within my organization, where I’ll be full-time in the financial department. Who knew?